"I quote others only in order to better express myself" -Michel de Montaigne
»all forward motion counts

Anastasia Romanov

My name is Anastasia and ever since my 8th birthday, my parents have given me things about this little princess- I got her photo album that year! This picture has become like my own childhood picture. When I saw this I almost was freaked out someone else had it because I think she’s me.

when my life gets especially lost and out of control, i tend to collect thing.

this time around, it’s books. now, i go through phases with books. i find one book that i eat up and i get obsessed and read eight in a row- until i find one that doesn’t sit with me well and i stop. i get nervous around giving myself so unconditionally to a world that i suddenly can’t trust. but then it comes around again, where i miss losing myself and i’m lost in my books. 

my friends joke and send me list of books, asking me how many i’ve read, knowing i’ve read almost all of them. almost all of them are classics, which are my favourite. 

but this past month and a half has been really really hard on me… and i can’t wait to get back into a make believe world that comforts me and accepts me.

i have a (small) collection going on. here is my list:

agatha christie’s (i have a huge thing for her- i read all of poirot’s mysteries and nothing else) the hollow, the labors of hercules, five little pigs, three blind mice & one two buckle my shoe. 

john steinbeck’s of mice and men

kathleen grissom’s the kitchen house

neil gaiman’s the ocean at the end of the lane

v.c andrews’ flowers in the attic & petals on the wind

charles dickens’ great expectations

daphne de maurier’s rebecca

susanna kaysen’s girl, interrupted

jeffrey eugenides’ the virgin suicides

john green’s looking for alaska

currently reading: ned vizzini’s it’s kind of a funny story

i hope to eat these up while my life just get’s crazier and crazier and i can get some peace. any favourites up there? any recommendations?



do you ever zone out and your body does all the work for you and then you come back to reality like in the shower or driving like did i just miss the last 20 mins was  i stuck in my own head for that long

I honestly thought I was the only one and was going to be tested because I lose huge chunks of time while driving but like I wouldn’t trust myself driving even if I was conscious. oops. 


i just bought 49 nail polishes. 

including essie, covergirl, nicole by opi, quo, sally hanson and ceramic glaze. 

for 55 dollars. 

I have made a single wish.
I believe in the stars, so let’s see..






i think that for christmas, everyone should send positive messages to each other, anon or not.

everyone should wake up on christmas morning with at least one nice message.

i think that would be a great christmas.

Guys can we make this happen?

I’m down. Anyone else?

tumblr christmas

I’m game. Followers, expect a visit from the Tumblr Santa.

What a cheap gift! Can I do this for my friends and family too?

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Today was my first lesson I really prepared on my own and taught on my own. It went for about 2 hours this morning. My class is a grade 1/ SK split, so their attention spans are a little hard to hold. After my lesson, my associate teacher did something today that brought me to tears.

I had a meeting that afternoon so I had to sneak out early but she shook her head when I tried to leave during a song. She quieted the children and whispered “when someone does something really good, and worked really hard, we give them something called a round of applause. Ms Lanthier has done a wonderful job this morning on her lesson, two thumbs up kind of work. I think we should give her a round of applause.” After the children gave me a range of applause and thumbs up, she gave me a sticker that said “YOU ROCK” and the children all hugged me. I was so emotional.

As I left for my meeting, she told me again “You Rock”. I’m pretty sure I’ve never been happier.

An update: tonight, I got an email entitled “Rock Star” and all it said was “I think I’m going to need more stickers”. 

I am just a ball of emotion.


my dad JUST heard about ‘bath salts’ (the drug) and is fascinated by them… but is also very confused. 

my mum and i went to bath and body works today and she got some bath salts for the tub and upon seeing them he asked “how are we suppose to do them”?